Happy Food At Home

Ciara Brennan started cooking at the age of four, learning at her mother Jocelyn’s knee as soon as she was old enough to stir a pot.  Even from that tender age, Ciara knew too things: she loved cooking, and she did not like the taste of meat. So began a love affair with cooking and….

Thin Line Wood Crafts

Henri Bocxe’s Thin Line wood crafts represent the very best of the Milk Market – natural, creative and beautiful products that you want to take home. Henri has been operating a Saturday stall in the Milk Market for two years now, and is now launching a Friday stall as well, such is the demand for….

Ma’s Kitchen

Jimmy Leong knows just how to get a laugh out of his customers at Ma’s Kitchen – he tells them how he moved from a country where it was 30 degree sunshine every day, and has stayed in Ireland because he loves our weather. “I arrived in Ireland in 2010. I had friends here, who….

Vito Vintage

Vito Vintage clothing store has found the perfect fit with its new permanent space at the Milk Market. Since her days as a fashion and design student at Limerick School of Art and Design, Caroline McBrearty has always had an artistic bent. Vito Vintage marries her intuitive eye for fashion and her skills as a….

White Dove Nurseries

You don’t have to be an expert in plants and flowers to have heard of Kew Gardens, the London home of the largest and most diverse botanical collection in the world.  So, while most people will have heard of Kew Gardens, many will be surprised to learn that Kew Gardens’ former plant buyer is now….

Wilde Irish Chocolates at The Limerick Chocolate Shop

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you chocolate, which is a pretty good substitute, especially for a self-confessed chocoholic like Patricia Farrell. Patricia, pictured left, and her husband Con were both working in the Burren Visitor Centre in the late 1990s when they had the idea of setting up a business that….

Lisduff Fine Foods

Fancy the sound of Cajun pudding made from turkey? Or Caribbean bacon in a bag? It may be a long way from the Caribbean to Tipperary but it’s worth the wait when it comes to Lisduff Fine Food’s imaginative, tantalisingly tasty bacon and turkey products, sold every Saturday at their Milk Market stall. Robert Tormey….

Bia At The Milk Market

It sounds like the perfect recipe for success – traditional Irish dishes with a Gallic touch. Thomas Fialon from Strasbourg and his Irish wife Deirdre are best known in Limerick as the owners of The French Table, which has been operating in Limerick since 2008. Their Bia at the Milk Market restaurant is proving just….

The Little Top Café

The Little Top Café sells plant-based foods with great flavour combinations, sold in biodegradable containers, so you can satisfy your taste buds, your conscience and Mother Nature all in one go. You’ll find the Little Top Café upstairs at the Milk Market from 8am to 2pm on Saturdays. But come early, because this is one….

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