The Limerick Market Trustees

The Limerick Market Trustees were incorporated in 1852 for the purpose of providing, managing, regulating and governing markets and market places in the Borough of Limerick. The Limerick Milk Market is one of its flagship markets.

There are 27 Trustees (see list below) comprising of nine members from the City Council, nine members from the County Council and nine members from Limerick Chamber of Commerce.

The objectives of the Milk Market are:

  • to provide Limerick residents and visitors with access to a wide variety of fresh, local, in-season products, typically directly from the producer.
  • to provide a centralised location for local producers (food and non-food produce), who work to agreed standards, to profitably market their produce directly to the buying public.
  • to enhance the centre of Limerick’s retail and commercial district.
  • to create an informal, social gathering and trading space in an open air setting that can be enjoyed by Limerick residents, visitors and by the local business community.
  • to attract shoppers by presenting a calendar of themed market days, activities and events that constantly appeals and surprises and showcases popular products, often unearthing and supporting new products and talents.
  • to project the Milk Market, as the historic market it is, to locals and visitors.
  • to champion the environmental concept of ‘green’ in the city.
  • to have a positive influence on the physical space around the market, including the retailers and any casual trading close-by.
  • to champion the concept of ‘fresh’, ‘local’ and ‘in season’ produce generally, encouraging restaurants and other food outlets throughout the City to embrace the concept. In this way, the Milk Market will have a positive influence on Limerick’s
  • Development as a centre of food excellence (in all its facets from restaurants to production).

Shoppers Charter

The Limerick Market Trustees and the Market Traders have jointly agreed to uphold this Charter to ensure all Shoppers are assured of Value for Money, a Courteous Service and an assured Complaints Procedure in the case of a dispute. This entitlement is in addition to Shoppers statutory rights under the Trades Description Act, Trading Standards etc and does not in any way detract from their ability to pursue a solution through those channels. All Traders have agreed to comply with this Shoppers Charter by attending the Market.

  1. All goods sold will be safe and fit for their intended purpose.
  2. No goods will be offered for sale that are counterfeit, offensive, dangerous or of unknown origin.
  3. Traders will display their name in a prominent manner on their stall.
  4. Goods will be accurately described and priced by item, and sold as such.
  5. Bulk goods will be priced and sold by quantity, weight, measure or count as described.
  6. Food produce will be of the same quality as that displayed upon the stall.
  7. Services sold through the Market but provided elsewhere will be as described.
  8. Goods sold as new will be new and undamaged.
  9. Receipts will be issued if requested.
  10. Traders will maintain required Public Liability insurance.
  11. The Market will be kept clean and wholesome.
  12. Traders will be courteous to all Shoppers.
  13. A Market Supervisor will be present at all times to provide assistance.


If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received:

Return to the Trader and explain the problem. He/she will almost always be able to resolve it to your complete satisfaction. The Trader has the option of offering you a full refund or replacement goods to the same value.
If you are still not entirely satisfied, contact the Market Operations Manager. He will try to resolve the dispute. His telephone number is 061 214782.
Finally, if you are still dissatisfied, you can write to the Limerick Market Trustees at The Milk Market, Market House, Mungret Street, Limerick City.

You are not entitled to redress if:

You have merely changed your mind after purchasing the goods.
You bought the goods in the knowledge that they were faulty and this was pointed out to you at the time.
You damaged the goods by using them for a purpose other than that for which they were intended, or for a purpose for which they were not suitable.

Trustees via Limerick Chamber

Liam Flannery, Chairperson
David Jackson, Honorary Secretary
Donnacha Hurley
Deirdre Ryan – CEO Limerick Chamber
Karen Ronan
Marie O’Neil
Prof. John Fahy
Sébastien Ridoux
Tom Flavin

Trustees via Limerick City and County Council

Cllr. Abul Kalam Azad Talukder – Cathaoirleach Metro District Limerick
Cllr. Catherine Slattery
Cllr. Conor Sheehan
Cllr. Dan McSweeney
Cllr. Daniel Butler
Cllr. Elisa O’Donovan
Cllr. Fergus Kilcoyne
Cllr. Frankie Daly
Cllr. Gerald Mitchell – Mayor of Limerick City and County
Cllr. James Collins
Cllr. Joe Pond
Cllr. Kevin Sheahan
Cllr. Martin Ryan
Cllr. Michael Murphy
Cllr. Michael Sheahan
Cllr. Olivia O’Sullivan
Cllr. Sarah Kiely
Cllr. Saša Novak Uí Chonchúir