Owen and Mimi at the Milk Market with a selection of their milk and cream.

A short backstory is good when it comes to food.
You want to know the source of the food, its journey in getting here to the Milk Market. After that, it’s down to taste.
Crawford’s Farm milk comes from a small herd of Shorthorns in Cloughjordan, a herd so few in number, they have names like Ruby or Penny. The milk is filtered, bottled, and chilled. It isn’t heat-treated, homogenised or pasteurised. It is natural milk, a rich creamy texture with a layered taste.
If you want to know how to tell Ruby from Penny – ask Mimi. Confused? She’s the girl at the stall. She’s from Ohio. She makes milk and butter and cream in Cloughjordan and sells it at the Milk Market, with her husband Owen.
“We separate our cream in small batches throughout the week and butter is handmade once a week. We have a micro-dairy and we sell through local retailers, but coming to the Milk Market is special,” Mimi says.
“We’ve been at the Milk Market for about three and a half years. Every Saturday, from March to Mid-December each year, you’ll find us here near the Cornmarket Row entrance.”

Mimi wasn’t intending to stay forever when she came to Ireland from Ohio. However, love intervened

Mimi Crawford of Crawford’s Farm pictured at Limerick Milk Market.
Pic: Don Moloney

“Neither of us were farmers, I had grown up in Ohio in the afforested part, so farming wasn’t part of life there. And Owen was into woodwork, but we met on this farm and we both shared a love of regenerative farming.”
They got married and now, aged 32, they run the farm where they met. It was once owned by Owen’s grandfather.
“Crawford Farm is a certified organic farm which means we produce our own food from healthy environments. Our Shorthorns are milked throughout the 10-month grazing season so that the forage requirements of the cattle are synced with the growing seasons. This produces the most nutrient dense, and creamy dairy products.”
Crawford Farm also sells organic meats – clean grazing chickens, and pigs fed on skim milk.
For supplemental feed (above and beyond the farm’s luscious grass,) the farm animals are fed a mixture of the wholesome grains grown on the farm.
Crawford’s organic meats can be pre-ordered for collection at the market. They include chicken, beef and pork/bacon (seasonally). Owen and Mimi’s dedication to regenerative farming means that all parts of the animals are used, including the offal, giblets and bones. These traditional foods are extremely nutrient dense and high in healthy amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
“You get a mix of people coming to us every Saturday, people who grew up with real farm food, mothers who are more aware of their own health and the environment. And you get the Millennials like us.”

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Contact Details:

Name/Owner: Owen and Mimi
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.crawfordsfarm.ie
Mobile: 0870985469
Location: Corner near Cornmarket Row entrance

Opening Hours:

Saturdays 8-2pm (March thru mid-December)

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